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Advertising & Media Services

Get your message across instantly

In today’s increasingly online world, there are many ways to reach your intended audience. Print advertising continues to have an important place as part of a comprehensive media plan that combines both print and online channels. Advertising is always recommended in the context of an integrated marketing communications program that considers your marketing goals, your audiences and their preferences for receiving information.

Advertising Services

  • Journal Advertising
  • Billboards, Bus Wraps & Other Outdoor Advertising
  • Banners
  • Posters & Easels
  • Trade Shows & Event Materials
  • Exhibits & Displays
  • Multimedia Promotion (Flash & Audio/Visual)

Media Services
Our comprehensive media analysis and planning identifies the best publications to reach your target audiences, and combines recommendations for both print and online advertising. Once selected, we’ll negotiate favorable pricing and special offers on your behalf, develop your ads and arrange placement.

Since we don’t markup media purchases (they are billed to you at net) we don’t have preferences over using one media resource vs. another.  That means we look for the very best opportunities for you, wherever they may be.